Glacier National Park

We only had one day in Glacier, we were in the neighborhood.

Here are some things to see,  We didn’t see most of the things to see but we know what we regretted not visiting.

We entered from the north.   This is the St Mary’s entrance.  It will take you past St Mary’s lake as you drive to the sun.  Plenty of spots for pictures on the way up.

We passed and regret passing the Many Glacier section of the park.  It is north of the Saint Mary’s entrance.  There is a lodge there that looks worth a visit or stay.


The red antique coaches stop there.  We didn’t do the red coach tour but it may be worth doing.  Taking the coach would allow the driver to better enjoy the view.  Otherwise, the passengers are constantly yelling at the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

Cycling is an option. We talked to several people who cycled to the sun.  I am an avid cycler and barely would consider it.

At the top.  Logan’s Pass

The Logan’s Pass visitor center at the top offers great trails. We did the hidden lakes trail. I seem to recall the sign said .5 miles. But 3 miles is what all trails recorded. Well worth the effort. A grand view over these 3 lakes that empty via a water fall into the valley that seems to extend forever.  Note: you are not alone on the trail. There are plenty of 2 legged friends visiting for the day and 4 legged friends who just live there. So, I wasn’t the only “old goat” on the trail.   We only went as far as the observation platform overlooking the lakes.  The trail continues down to the waterfall that empties the lake into the valley below.


Across the street from the visitor center is a long more strenuous trail. Early on the trail you are holding a chain as you walk along a cliff wall. We did NOT do this trail.


That is the trail on the left.  Look closely to see the chain for holding on to life dear.  That is the hidden lakes trail in the background and the drive to the sun below. Note: this is not my photo.

Descending into Apgar

The descent into Apgar with Lake MacDonald on the right is a drive to remember.  The town of Apgar is a nice place to relax, get a meal and perhaps stay.  There is a small town area with restaurants and ice cream shop to reward yourself after the day’s hikes.

Rather than drive to the sun again we drove around the east side of the park.   Not nearly as exciting.  There was one vista where the rockies we behind you and the plains were down below you that was spectacular.

Caution:  Cattle are road hogs.  Apparently, in Montana cattle can just stand in groups on the road.  They don’t seem to be bothered by cars coming by.  So, they will not get out of your way.