Where to Eat in NYC

Dining in New York is a daunting task.  There are 10,000 restaurants and not enough time, money, or stomach to fit them all in.  Generally, avoid the chains.  And if there is no one there beware.  This is a list of either  places I have been and enjoyed or places I’d like to go.

Bryant Park Grill – Good food, upper crust clientele and if you go when it is cold then the adjacent Winter Village

Veselka – Ukranian food in the Lower East Side.

Spotted Pig – fun two story gnudi bar/restaurant in the Village.  The burger is amazing.

Craft – A place I found but did not eat in because it is a place that one should bring a friend to.  So, Sur in the next block was full so we decided to “try” this place.  Turns out the chef is famous and the food and ambiance fantastic.

The Dutch – I ate there because that was my father’s nickname,  I enjoyed eating there because of the ambiance and the food.


L’Artusi – French place in Greenwich Village

Sake Bar Decibel – a sake sushi bar like some place out of a movie.

Lucien – St Germain des Prix style French place in lower east side.

Rice To Riches – Rice pudding only place,

Balthazar – bluestone coffee serves their pastries.  This lower east side French place is a great date night location.

Aunt Jakes – Fresh Pasta on 8th between Union Square and the Village.  OK, I should have had you at the home made pasta.

Le District – Skip Eataly and go to the French version.  Sit down and order the mussels and steak fries.

5 Senses – In the middle of Korean town and hopping with young Koreans.

Blue Ribbon Sushi – I have heard this is very good sushi and expensive.  It is between the village and Washington Square.

Rasa (Malaysian) – Get the blue rice and chicken tenders in this Malaysian place in Greenwich Village.

Wall Flower – Every time I walk by this Greenwich Village place I want to go back and try it.  The diners inside seem to be enjoying the meal.

Almayass – Careful with the pronunciation but do try the flambe sausage thing in this Lebanese Armenian place.

Spot Dessert Bar – Vietnames dessert bar.  The desserts are Instagram worthy, Some lack the taste to go with the looks, except the macha lava cake.

Lady M – Heavenly Cakes in Bryant park and Park Plaza Hotel.

Eric Kayser – Multiple locations, I prefer the Bryant park location.

5 Napkin – Wonderful Burger and full menu place in Hells Kitchen.

Marseille – French place in Hells Kitchen for fine French dining, the mussels and steak frites are good.

OBAO – PanEurasian place in Hells Kitchen.  Try the Korean poutine

Bare Burger – Burger place in Hells Kitchen, serves beef, bison and veggie burgers.

Gallo Nero – Italian place in Hells Kitchen. Small, independent Italian dinner spot.

Takumi Sushi – Feel young at this NYU ramen and sushi location then walk off the dinner in Washington Square.


Barn Joo 45 – Korean fine meal location. Great for lunch or dinner.

Whole Foods Food Hall –  The Bryant Park Wholefoods location has some decent dining upstairs.  Sushi Bar, Oyster Bar, Pizza Bar.

Jake’s Wife Frida If you were going to give the cuisine a long and unwieldy name, it might be South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine.